What is MantriMalls Color Prediction and How to Play It?

Date - February 27, 2024
What is MantriMalls Color Prediction and How to Play It?

Hello friends, in this article we explain in detail about Mantrimalls color prediction game to earn money online with very little investment. You can earn Rs. 1000 - Rs 5000 per day by using their referral program or by playing the game for this you need to invest at least 100 rupees & if you can invest more you will earn more. So let's see MantriMalls Color Prediction game review, How to play this Color Prediction game? and how to make money. Along with this game, you can also check Lulumalls color prediction game as well.

What is Mantrimalls?

The first and biggest question is, what is the Mantri Mall game? So friends, let me tell you that this is a color prediction game app in which you can place bets every 3 minutes, you have to guess which color is going to come in 3 minutes, when you play this mantrigame you get to see 2 colors, red and green and here you have to place a bet on one color as per your choice and the amount you bet on it gets doubled immediately if your guess is right. This is what you get, if your thought comes true, friends, this game is simple and very powerful, you can also transfer the winning amount to your bank account instantly.

Mantrimall Referral Code - 3323863

Mantrimalls Login offers you a handsome amount for the referral program. In this app and website, the amount per referral is Rs.138. If you share your referral code with your friend and your friend login to mantrimalls and recharge with Rs. 100 or more then you will receive Rs. 138 per successful referral. In this way, you can make as much money as you want without any risk of losing money. For more mantrigme hacks and tricks you can this article.

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How to Play Color Prediction Game on MantriMalls?

Register or log in to MantriMalls then follow the below-mentioned steps to start making money online.

  • Click on the Wallet button and then select the recharge option
  • Select the amount you want to add to your wallet
  • Select the UPI method
  • Then input your UPI ID
  • & confirm payment on Google Pay, Phone Pay, PayTM, or any other UPI app that you use.
  • Done now start playing the Mantrigame & make money.

How Much I Can Earn by Playing on Mantrimalls?

There is no limit on earnings in this color prediction app the more you invest more you will earn.

There are 2 different prediction modules available in this game.

Predict Color – Here if you play this Mantrigame then your winning probability will be 50% (you have to place a bet on Red or Green) & you will earn 2X money if your guess is right for example if you use 500 then you will earn 1000.

Predict Number – Here in this second prediction module your winning probability is 10% (0-9) only but here you will receive 10X cash if your prediction is right means, for example, you have placed a Rs 500 bet and your answer is correct you can make Rs. 5000.

Remember this tip in mind – Even numbers always show Red color & Odd numbers come with Green color only so with the help of this trick your winning probability will be increased to 20% as you need to predict one number out of 5.

DISCLAIMER:- This app involves financial risk so use it wisely you may get addicted to this app. We are not responsible for any kind of financial loss. This article is created for knowledge purposes only. If you are 18 years old then you can play this game otherwise stay away from this app.